100% Hand Car Wash

No bristles or brushes, just lots of personal touches
We know how you feel about your car and your desire to preserve its shiny finish. That's why we treat every car with TLC. That means no harsh bristles and no outdated barbaric equipment that could permanently damage your car; just the safe, gentle touch of human hands. Actually, we bathe each and every car with ultra-soft lamb's wool mitts. We use only the absolute finest soaps, sealers, waxes and conditioners. Because unlike those car washes that give your car the old brush-off, we want your car's finish to last and last.

Jorge Estrada, Carwash General Manager.

Sunny Hills Car Wash would like to welcome you!

Jorge has been working for The Car wash at Sunny Hills since 1980. He is a certified detailer and has taken many courses in the trade. He has proven his skills in making your cars look their best. Those that have witnessed his work know exactly how professional he is. He is focused on passing his skills and work ethic to his team at Sunny Hills Car Wash.

Our service pros give straight answers
Our professional service advisors are specially trained and experienced to assist you in determining just which applications are best suited for your car and how often they should be applied.

We're more than just a car wash
With our extensive menu of services, you can count on us to do a lot more. We offer various treatments to
preserve and protect your car's like-new look to assure you that even hidden dirt and grime is whisked away.


10 off each gallon of gas with every car wash purchase.

See the coupon section of this web site for valuable discounts and remember,
every car serviced at the Sunny Hills Car Wash gets a FREE Car Wash!